Building Your Instrument

Your voice is the most personal instrument you can ever play.  Just like a guitar has to be made and have strings attached before it can be played, or a drum set has to be manufactured and then setup before the drummer is ready to play them, there are some things that you need to do to build this instrument called your voice.

At the vocal studio you will be taught everything you need to know to make your voice the best it can be.  Along with building your voice, you will also be taught the techniques to be able to “play” your voice.

Lesson Tasks Include (but are not limited to) The Following:

  •     Support and Placement (breath control and articulation)
  •     Microphone Technique
  •     Ear Training
  •     Rhythm
  •     Theory
  •     Harmonies
  •     Stripping Songs

Dave will assist you with selecting songs that are right for your voice and capabilities.  If you are in a band, bring in the music your band is playing that you want to sing.  He can even assist you with putting the harmonies together!